Monday, March 2, 2015

Tangerine slice knit stitch from a Portugese site from Brazil

I found a Portugese photo by photo instruction for this "tangerine slice" circular shell knit stitch.

I will give you the link to the Portugese language page. The instructions are ABOVE the picture that illustrates the row.
1. Go to the link
2. Read my translations for each step.

There is a request from the author not to copy the photos of the blog so you must open her blog and read my notes for each photo.

Above photo 1.

There are two rows of preparation. Knit one row and purl one row.

Above photo 2.

First row of pattern:Slip one stitch knitwise, K 2, 1YO, P6,1YO, K2, 1YO, P6,1YO, ending up with k2 and P 1.

Above photo3 second row of pattern

Slip one stitch knitwise, P2, 1YO, K 8, 1YO, P2, 1 YO, K 8, 1 YO, ending up with P 3.

Above photo 4 third row of pattern:

*slip 1 knitwise, K2, 1YO, P 10, 1YO, K 2, 1 YO P 10, 1 YO *end up with P3.

Above photo 5 fourth row of pattern:

Purl entire row.

Above photo 6 fifth row of pattern:

*slip 1 knitwise, K 2, K 12 with 3 wraps (YOs) between each stitch…to make the three wraps see the photo below wrap from the back to the front because if you wrap the other way they will come undone…Knit *…ending up with K 2 and P 1.

Photo 7 shows the back to front direction of wraps .

Above Photo 8

Three wraps around the needle.

Above Photo 9

Going to look like this with enough stitches on the needle.

Above photo 10

Now is the tricky step: Pick the stitch knitwise and let drop the wraps as if they were part of this stitch off the left needle.

Above Photo 11

Pass the remaining elongated stitch to the right needle. Repeat

Above Photo 12

Now knit these two elongated stitches together.

Above photo13

Here are the two k tog with the edge slip stitch.

Above photo 14

You can see the 12 stitches decreased to 6 elongated stitches.

Above photo 15

The entire row has been finished in pattern.

Above photo 16

The wrong (reverse) side looks like this.

Above photo 17

Here you can see the shells forming.

At the end, the person who illustrated this stitch says:
I hope that I was able to teach you how to make this beautiful stitch. Whatever I know, so I make.

Also refer to this link which has lovely photos but no step by step instructions to see how it looks with light weight yarn.

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