Saturday, August 9, 2014

Russian Knitting Pattern with interlaced triangles

Published Lerachka in a personal diary

Delicate patterns spokes

A small selection of openwork patterns spokes, everywhere from the network.

1. An interesting pattern: Agur and crossing?   (Agur means openwork ajouree in French)
Delicate patterns spokes

August 10, 2014

To all Knitting Paradise followers of this pattern: Good news.  Here is the stitch list for this pattern.  Please refer to the photo and chart at the top of this page.
This translation is courtesy of a Russian friend and is error and guess free.  Thanks Julie!

 Chart clarification:

The even rows 2,4,6,etc are not shown. These wrong side rows are all purl except for the Ø yarn overs on the right side.

1. Black dot is purl.

2.   O  Open circle is YO on the right side. You purl this on the wrong side along with all stitches of the wrong side.

3.  Ø is a yarn over on the right side.  Why is it different??? On the wrong side where you purl the entire row, you Knit the Ø.  You may consider marking these yarn overs so you can distinguish them on the wrong side from other yarn overs.

4.  / is a knit two together with the slant to the right (A right leaning decrease)

5.  \ is an ssk with a left leaning decrease. See video

The last symbol is a left leaning double decrease.  S1, k2 tog, psso.  See the YouTube video on how to knit this.

I have reached the end of deciphering this chart.  

One additional note on charts.  You see the blue square in the chart.  This is your design repeat.
The other stitches on the sides are the beginning and ending stitches. You have to make as many repeats as you have to fit the sweater to your size.  But make sure the beginning and the ending of the repeats is just like the chart shows.  Do not end up with a series of design repeats and then stop.

Happy knitting to all.



  1. THANK YOU! and your Russian Translator friend

  2. Thank you so much! I try to translate this with no luck know I found your translation I try it but I am not getting it right could Ø

  3. The pattern actually states that the even rows "are done as the pattern goes", i.e. if you have a knit stitch on your left needle, you knit it, and if it's a purl one, you purl it. So not all of the stitches in the even rows will be purled.

  4. Thank you for publishing this. I am still trying to get it figured out. If you ever do a video please let me know. I would really love to learn this stitch!! :)

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  6. The graph is actually printed wrong to achieve the triangles. On the first and fifth rows the stitch between the yo is printed as a purl, if worked as a knit the pattern works up as per the photo.